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Applicant has the right to provide The Highlands at Red Hawk with a Portable Tenant Screening Report (PTSR) that is not more than 30days old, as defined in § 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statutes; and 2) if Applicant provides The Highlands at Red Hawk with a PTSR,  The Highlands at Red Hawk is prohibited from: a) charging Applicant a rental application fee; or b) charging Applicant a fee for The Highlands at Red Hawk to access or use the PTSR.

Tenant can mail or personally deliver written notice of an uninhabitable condition to the following address: 1465 Red Hawk Drive, Castle Rock, CO80109, by email at the following email address: or or through our online tenant portal or platform with a web address of:

El inquilino puede enviar por correo o entregar personalmente un aviso por escrito de una condición inhabitable a la siguiente dirección: 1465 Red Hawk Drive, Castle Rock, CO80109 o por correo electrónico a : o o a través de nuestro portal o plataforma para inquilinos en línea por nuestra página de web

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