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Apartment Reviews for The Highlands at Red Hawk Apartments in Castle Rock

4.9 | 27 Reviews

1465 Red Hawk Drive, Castle Rock, CO, 80109
(720) 573-6908

See what other people are saying about our apartments located in Castle Rock! At The Highlands at Red Hawk Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.

Brianna Mackey

We moved here 6 months ago and we couldn't be happier. The office manager always does the great activities that are above and beyond. The complex is so quiet and feels very safe. It is kept in great condition and our apartment it absolutely beautiful. So big and has some wonderful features. We live living here so much. We are so lucky to have found this gem.

Living here for a few days and it's definitely a very quiet place. Very beautiful and clean. Looking to be close to town, a place to go walking or relax by the pool? This is the place for you!
Robert Hutchison

My wife and I spent nearly six years at Highlands at Red Hawk. We enjoyed our time there and hated to leave. Impressive were the appliances and windows and doors. If maintenance was required management was quick to respond. It was difficult, however, to have many different office managers. Most of them were available and ready to assist in any needs.

Very efficient and professional on-site maintenance. Thanks, Joel!

Efficient, polite, and prompt
Ronda Hubbard

Excellent staff, buildings and community.
Sav Pressley

I love living here so much. My mom, dad, and I moved here about 2 months ago, and it has been a delight to live here. I see wildlife all the time, I have beautiful views of the Santa Fe butte, and it's incredibly quiet and peaceful here. Definitely will be living here for a long time ❤️
Nola Pressley

We love living here. This is the best experience I've had at an apartment complex. Maddie, the apartment manager, has gone above and beyond to make us comfortable and always responds the same day to emails and phone calls if I have to leave a message. If we have a maintenance issue, Joel is on it immediately. We saw a few spiders when we moved in and we have arachnophobia as alot of people do. I love that his approach wasn't just to throw chemicals down and be done with it. There's domestic and wild animals and also, spiders are just doing what they do...we just don't want them to do it in the house. He replaced the weather stripping and even thought to put down glue traps to see what kinds of spiders we are dealing with. He even thought about changing the outside light bulbs on the porches cause certain ones attract the bugs that spiders feed clever is that? Since he replaced the weather stripping, we haven't seen any more though. Another thing, the neighbors are so friendly and considerate of each other. A man got stuck in the snow and couldn't move his car and a woman came out and offered to help him push. (The snow plow came shortly after but it fell so fast that day) I've seen other people helping neighbors and saying hello to me as I walk past. So nice. The grounds are trash free at all times and kept nice. No matter where you live, you have an awesome view from your balcony. There's a beautiful Butte right next door called "Santa Fe Quarry Butte" and also Castle Rock Butte is maybe half a mile down the road. The balconies are huge and I see deer all the time from my balcony which I love. It's very quiet here. I don't hear anything through my walls and outside I hear birds and the stream outside when the snow runs relaxing. Moving here was such a great decision.
Dennis Cowan

I love living here it’s a quiet nice neighborhood and has great maintenance and great help at the front office
Diana Majka

We have lived here 6 months. We like it. Our building is quiet. We see many deer! We have needed some maintenance work. We requested maintenance on the property website and was fixed in a timely manner! Very satisfied! Thank you! A big shout out to Maddie and our maintenance Man. ( sorry I forgot his name) very friendly and helpful!
Diane King

I’ve had a pleasant experience living here, every time I need maintenance they are always right on the ball. I love apartment!
Kelly Ruffin

Living here i have had a pretty good experience. The front office has always been helpful, patient and kind! As well as maintenance! I really couldn’t be happier to call this place my home.
sheila sebastian

I have lived here for 4 years now. It feels like home. The staff, maintenance, and neighbors are all very nice and willing to help you out when needed. If you want to live in a smaller apartment complex, this should be your choice.
Hannah Ochoa

Nice spacious rooms and living area. Great cupboard and pantry space. Everyone keeps to themselves and are friendly.
Ronda Hubbard

Excellent customer service from start to finish. Responsive and pleasant in office. Well-built, CLEAN, bug free, spacious structures. Nice community and cozy facilities. I HIGHLY recommend this location.
Ronda H.

Verified Resident

Excellent experience, love this place.
Mel H

Verified Resident

I usually never leave reviews, but I need to thank our community’s manager, Brenda, for going above and beyond addressing my concerns. Whether it comes to enforcing the nonsmoking policy, taking care of billing errors, resolving maintenance requests, and taking steps to address the rampant dumpster diving and abuse that has been happening, she is on it. Thanks for striving daily to make this a nice place to live!
Michael Maschka

I was very reluctant to move into an apartment but, due to a change in life circumstances, it was necessary to reside in an apartment complex until I could purchase a house, again. With that said, Brenda, our community manager here at The Highlands at Red Hawk, has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is responsive, kind, and truly, displays a servant's heart. Thank you, Brenda, for all you have done to help ease me into my temporary but, pleasant apartment living experience!
Kyle Snodgrass

A really nice place to live. Large, brand new units with garages. Only around 50 units or so, and feels like community. Great location just off of I-25 as well.

A really nice place to live. Large, brand new units with garages. Only around 50 units or so, and feels like community. Great location just off of I-25 as well.
Jesse Church

A really nice place to live. Walls are well proofed and you rarely hear the neighbors, close to the interstate, and looks/feels brand new. The only downside is the management changed twice while I was there and they always take a while to adjust.